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Sustainability & fabrics

In the production of a clothing collection, when the color of the piece is chosen, an originally white fabric is dyed.
This was the original idea for the retro collection - the last collection we launched. However, there was something in common in all the textile production factories we visited. The immense amount of already dyed and unused fabric stored on its shelves.
This brought us a Eureka moment: producing the most sustainable collection and most representative of PALU's values, ever! We just had to choose the colors from the fabrics that were already dyed, buy them and use them for the same.
Therefore, we bring you a sustainable collection produced in Portugal. The composition of the pieces is 100% organic cotton, making them super resistant and, above all, comfortable. This resistance guarantees a longer average lifespan for the pieces, contributing to a slow fashion regime.
Better than this? Just the fact that we plant a tree for every item sold, thanks to Tree Nation !